Francis Bacon’s Life Drawings

“Every movement of the brush on the canvas alters the shape and implications of the image”  (Francis Bacon, unidentified newspaper cutting, 1960).

This quote by Bacon is fascinating because he understands that every brush strokes should be thought through and the artist should understand that every mark they make changes their work for better or for worse. I feel this quote can also be applied to drawing because no matter how big or small the marks you m are are, they all alter your work.

Francis Bacon used life drawing as a form of ‘notes’ as part of his portfolio of works. I am fascinated by his use of graphite and charcoal because he uses it kin a way which create long marks forming fluidity and movement in the work. As he uses them ‘notes’ you can almost see he’s thoughts in the work. Bacon is looking at the shape of the figure to understand it before beginning more complex interpretations. Bacon’s work has inspired me because the use of life drawing has helped develop his ability to draw and apply this to painting. The way he uses to graphite adds a sense of emotion and mentality to the work because although they are just ‘notes’, he still manages to add his feelings into the work.

Author: ninasartspace

Based in Cardiff studying Fine Art at the Metropolitan University. Originally from East Sussex. The career goal is Art Therapy with adults who suffer from PTSD and other mental issues which affect so many of us on a daily basis.

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