Derek Brueckner

The Canadian artist born in 1965 is a contemporary artist known for working with the figure in performance. These performances consist of a collaboration of film, digital editing, prosthetics, audio and a range of different environments.

Brueckner explains in his artist statement which unfortunately is dated back to 2007 but still provides a strong idea of what he explores through his art. Through the film, painting and drawing Brueckner is portraying the human figure in a way which explores gesture and emotion through its movements and stances. In his drawing, Brueckner has created a blurred effect with the pencil by fading out the figure. In the digital work, Brueckner captures the image on a digital camera, manipulates said image on Photoshop and then present the work on paper or on a canvas. The artist goes through a process of combining numerous images and versions of the images and mirroring images together to form collages. These create a repeating pattern which looks microscopic. It is interesting to see the way Brueckner has manipulated the images of the figure which he has taken to form these pieces. It is clear from these that Brueckner is exploring the figure down to the molecular level to truly understand it.

The film art Brueckner has produced has evoked the idea of internal and external journeys the body goes through daily. Through these Brueckner is combining technology with the figure to create what he calls ‘cybrids’. These creations are making that connection between the two phenomenons and provoke responds from the audience about the relation between technology and the figure. Brueckner is the only artist to have explore this idea but, he is the first I have come across which explores it in this way.

From the artist statement, it is clear Brueckner wants to continue explained his knowledge on the subject though his art and continue expanding his body of work. I am fascinated by his work because the way he blurs the images in the film and overlaps raw footage to create his films. This is also evident in his digital imagery work which I think creates an interest still with movement.

I feel his work is very relevant to mine at this current time with the way the artist uses this effect and creates illusions in his work.

Author: ninasartspace

Based in Cardiff studying Fine Art at the Metropolitan University. Originally from East Sussex. The career goal is Art Therapy with adults who suffer from PTSD and other mental issues which affect so many of us on a daily basis.

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