ArtStep Exhibition References and Example works

Although the exhibition I am creating is very much my own, I wanted to look at different examples of artists who have used it as a platform for their work. The program holds a massive range of different styles of working, different genres and even different qualities of curation. By looking through a few of the different examples, I am able to grasp an understanding of how to think about exhibiting my work. I haven’t had the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition and so the space is mine.

I decided to focus my search on drawers, photographers and film exhibitions because these are the media I am considering to have in my final exhibition. By focusing my search to these genres, I am able to decided the best and most effective way to exhibit my art. If I was to research sculptural exhibitions or performance art, it would be irrelevant and not helpful to me.

It is obvious that some of the artists present on this program are not professional artists and clearly use it as a platform to promote their hobbies and amateur doings. I am not ruling these out as irrelevant exhibitions to look at because they to give ideas and methods of exhibiting work. I believe there is no one way to exhibit work and so I need to think about the theme as well as the actual physical work. Some artists have mounted their work into a smaller space so it is more compacted and closer together whereas, others have created bigger spaces to allow room around each piece. Looking through a few of the different exhibitions on here has given me an idea of how the program works and how I can display my work. Looking at the exhibition allows you to walk through it and stand in front  of the work to experience it.

Author: ninasartspace

Based in Cardiff studying Fine Art at the Metropolitan University. Originally from East Sussex. The career goal is Art Therapy with adults who suffer from PTSD and other mental issues which affect so many of us on a daily basis.

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