ArtSteps & How my exhibition plan has changed since Covid-19

Hand Gestures, Nina Williams, BA Fine Art Degree Show, 2020

ArtStep is the platform I have used instead for a final show. If I was to have a final show I would have had the three charcoal drawings in a boxed area with white walls (shown below) which is want I chose in my exhibition proposal. I felt this layout meant the audience would stand inside the area and would be surrounded by the drawings. Each drawing imposes a different emotion, anger. irritation and calm. By being surrounded by these emotions would force more power from each drawing and allow the audience to ‘feel’ the work more. As I played around with the layout on ArtSteps, I realised having the drawings on a long wall would create a more imposing effect on the viewer.

The charcoal drawings are a key part of the exhibition and the original pieces of work I would have exhibited in the end of year show so I felt they should be a dominant part of this virtual exhibition. As I have had the opportunity to create a solo exhibition, I wanted to include more work which reflects the theme. In order, this create the idea of the different parts of the exhibition, I needed to think about the layout, so for the photographs I have create a bay where for them to be displayed. I came across a few other issues once using the platform. When I mounted the drawings onto the wall, they looked as though they were on a canvas. Even after using Photoshop to delete any background I still ended up with a back drop. The torn edges of the paper are part of the artwork and they the mounted effect it didn’t quite give the effect. By enlarging the images I was able to reduce the canvas effect. I played around with frames but it didn’t work for the art. I didn’t want the work to look contained because the torn paper is part of the idea behind the pieces.

The photographs run in an order from the front of the exhibition to the image facing the door which makes the work flow in an orderly manner and for the viewer to understand their reference.

ArtSteps allows me to increase the scale of the images so I can fill the wall from top to bottom. By increase the size of the photographs makes them more impactful. The power of the hands is so strong and relevant in life and so my photographs should reflect this.

The videos on the back wall are a grid of separate screen each with a 20s video of a hand. Originally, I wanted one large screen with a 5 minute film of the movements. However, I was restricted to 4MB per clip. This made me think side ways to breakdown the film however, this worked out for the best because I now have this moving wall of clips which has a bigger impact on the audience because the visual experience is more stimulating and impactful. This is a response I wanted to illicit from my audience. Also, having the videos on small screens, breaks up the work and differentiates it from the large scale drawings and photographs.



Author: ninasartspace

Based in Cardiff studying Fine Art at the Metropolitan University. Originally from East Sussex. The career goal is Art Therapy with adults who suffer from PTSD and other mental issues which affect so many of us on a daily basis.

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